Sunday, January 9, 2011

Long time no see

Just a little up date after a long time. I've finally had some time to do some electronics work while on christmas break. I worked on my SK-5 a little bit. Check out this tutorial I put together for the Oceanus Drum Mutator Mod>
While looking at this pic and thinking about how to incorporate it into the final build, I'm concidering that the rotary selector switch, in the picture, can change 25 pins with one click (5p2t at 5 layers?). I salvaged that one from an old DB25 printer selector box. I have had some luck reconfiguring smaller switches from 2 poles to 7 . Maybe I can reconfigure it to reroute the 8 bits in predetermined patterns. I'll use the patch bay to find what combinations of patches I like and take notes. Then it's just a matter of wiring it up.
Another option I've considerd its using some kind of gate to invert each bit, and using a switch to decide if the bit will be inverted of not. Here's another possibility: It probibly isnt to hard to create an 8-bit message from a kids computer or some similar device, and if it's that easy, maybe it can even be sequenced.
I've become really fond of using the DB25 and other vintage computer ports. Keeping the SK5 modular has ben a priority for me, so the ease of changing conections for panel modules and eventually, controllers, has ben fun. Eventually ill have to learn to make ribon connectors.

Well, I'll try and get back to posting regularly, but as the semester approaches, this seems kind of bleak.

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